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about opus mixtus dance

Opus Mixtus .dance. Ensemble

was founded in 2005 by Heather Dale Wentworth to present work combining her love for jazz, modern, ballet,hip hop, and lyrical dance. After studying choreography at UCSD and never finding her niche in any one genre title, the name OPUS MIXTUS .dance. was coined to encompass the combination of many aesthetics in the work she produced. Unashamed of her use of multiple turns and dramatic proclivities often frowned upon in the current concert dance climate, Heather began developing work that was deeply emotional in a theatrical way and combined jazz syncopation and attention to musical accents with the breathe and freedom of Limon- based modern technique.


By creating a diverse and unique body of work, OMD hopes to continue engaging audiences and providing the type of dance that makes them feel connected to the art community. It is the focus of OMD to continue investigating the validity of all dance genres in the concert arena which we hope will allow each audience member to find something they can connect and relate to based on their personal dance knowledge and experience.


In the future, OMD hopes to continue guiding young dancers by providing them with a strong, well-rounded dance education and also by providing a place for pre-professionals and professional dancers to grow in their art.


Every May, Opus Mixtus .dance. produces the showcase IGNITE to help support local up-and-coming artists by giving them a platform on which to show their work and develop their art. IGNITE has become a crowd favorite, welcoming new artists every year and continuously performing for a sold-out house.